Obfuscate JavaScript code to make it unreadable
The beauty of JavaScript is that everything is open and available on the client side. A knowledgeable user can just look at the site and read the code. This is where obfuscation comes in, covering your code with an invisible shroud that makes it harder for prying eyes to decipher. Obfuscation works by changing the form of code such as variable names, function names, and other identifiers into obscure strings or equivalent but more complex constructs. Note, however, that obfuscation is not about security, it increases the overhead of reverse engineering your code. It doesn't stop overzealous hackers, but it slows you down. So the next time you actually submit beautifully crafted JavaScript code, consider adding obfuscation protection. This is a nifty way to deter casual prying eyes and add a little more mystery to your code.